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A clips for 25



Feb,  2nd 2017

Beautiful sunny day though it’s rainy in afternoon. Special day. A baby was born 25 years ago in a city province. A red skin baby who’s weight no more than 2.5 kg. She just 7 months in her mother womb. It was 2 a.m,  February 1992 the little baby saw the world in a midnight.  Everyone were so happy. The first grandchild from momz and dady were born. The grandpa came to the room saw his first girl.  He asked, “How’s her hands,  fingers, ears,  eyes, foot, noise…  Are those things complite? “… He look to the baby very careful and sigh…  “uhh”…”Thankyou God. She born perfectly”. Yes…  No one ever guess the baby would be bornt at that time since She just 7 to 8 months on her momy’s womb except 2 little girl age 3 years and 5. The 3 yo girl said a day before the baby’s bornt, “Look…  The baby would come” and the mum, her aunty asked her to replied it one more time but she silent and run to tell her mom that the baby will come now. The adault just laughed cause it just a joke for them. But the little child never ever Lie even just for a joke. A children character were so honest, and sometimes they know what the adult don’t. 

Yes…  It was long time aago in the midnight of February 2nd 1992 at 2:00 am. But now the baby has become a girl. She lived from one city profince to another city province,  and it’s from God that She has to live to another city but now It’s a big city in her country.  Many thing changed. The experiences that she had for living in one place to another place and saw many cultures,  paradigms,  doctrines, styles,  the people and it’s character,  built her personality and her views towards all. She know,  she’s very diffenernt from another and couldn’t stop asking manythings.  

(Tobe continued) 


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