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Why Jakarta is Very Hot like in Hell since January 1 2017?




​Why Jakarta is very hot like in hell since 1 January? 

I’m gonna try to answer it since many people describe something beyond geography. 

Jakarta in Perihelion makes it burning like hell from 1-4 January 2017. (But the climax will be on January 4th).

It just a moment when the earth is in the closest poin to the sun.  It just about two weeks after the December solstice.  Distance from the sun’s center to earth’s centre will be 147.100.998 km or 91.404.322 mill. 

While when it in aphelion (the eart is reaching the farthest point to the sun in orbit,  or after 2 weeks after June solstice)  and the distance will be 152.092.504 km. 

When does perihelion happens each year? The answer is vary. Each year commonly occour in 3 or 4 January.  The burning sensation we may feel in a couple of days not only in that date. Jakarta really feels like hell or I can say the sun just like few meters above our head and I can’t wear kinda long shirt. Some people I met were talking about this burning sensation last nite and they said that the air con didn’t work at all then I thought I should stay home at least till perihelion go may be till 4…

Equinox,  Solstice,  Seasons,  Perihelion and Aphelion they just like our friend on earth. So just take it easy when you get the sensation that you never like. Ok. This is January 3 and tomorrow will be the aphelion point. We may feel burning sensation more than today. Be prepare. 


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