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Core Event Bau Nyale (Worm) in Lombok




Core event bau nyale is annual event hold in Seger Beach, Kuta Lombok- Indonesia. This year the event will be hold tomorrow at 27-28 of February. The event is always hold in February but the date is always different from year to year. It depends on Lombok traditional calendar.

Nyale is a kind of sea worm that only appears in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara and it doesn’t appears in other places in this world. According to the Lombok Legend, Nyale is an incarnation of Mandalika Princess. It’s a long story. There was a beautiful princes named Mandalika Princes. Many price fall in love with her and wanna marry her. The war happened and she was so sad. She didn’t want her people got hurt because of her. She wanted a really nice life for her people and peaceful. Then one day, she decided to jumped to the sea in order to make a peaceful life for her people in Lombok. She wanted all the people tasted her and no war. Then she jumped to the beach. Now the beach is called Kuta Beach Lombok, and the Location is called Seger Beach. Suddenly her body turned became sea worm and everybody could taste it. The worm has many colors and only come annually. Once a year in February. The most interesting part is the worm has many colors but when somebody catch it, take it, the colors just become 2. Green and brown. The brown one live longer than the green one.

It’s not easy to reach the ritual place because it’s crowded. Millions people get the place. If somebody ride from the City center, Mataram and go in 18.00, it may take 6 hours while normally it should be 1,5 hours. The place is close to the Hill and people need to stay a night there.


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