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Student Orientation (OSPEK) Phenomenon and Popularity




Student always face orientation when they firstly accepted as a university student. Somehow they will meet some kind of upper grade to colonize them in it. Actually they will meet two kind of senior. The first is ‘GOOD’ senior and the second is “BAD” senior. These two kinds of senior will colonize them in their campus first orientation. Good senior will colonize them by its way because they should acting well. This position is taken by MC, and others. The “BAD” position will taken by KORLAP or it calls field coordinator. This second position is hated by newbies because the korlap in it’s orientation is always treat them bad. They shout aloud, angry, acting like devil who wanna eat the newbies. In the end they just act to make the orientation situation becomes ‘EXCELLENT’. Without them- the agenda becomes so boring. No ones will angry, no one will punish the newbies. The point is it’s boring student¬† orientation without KORLAP. Somehow… The newbies hate them so much. Where in the second position is always good because the newbies love them. They care to the senior even though the orientation is finish. They act as good people in front of the newbies and they love it. In the end- That’s all are ACTING. What ever it is The newbies hate Korlap and love something except korlap. haha…

I have been there for twice- Becomes a good one and a bad one. You know what? A crazy POPULAR phenomenon happen when I was a GOOD one. Becomes an orientation secretary was brilliant. They love me so much and know me. they respect to me and speak good to me until now. Where in a contrast position happen. The next year after became a good one- I choose became a BAD one- Field coordinator actually. You know what- A CRAZY PHENOMENON happen again. My junior hate me so much. They never realize that what happen in the field just an actiong- NO more. They’re afraid to see me though talk to me. Sounds crazy- isn’t it? They do till today. My good junior told me last night. Her name is Santi- Physic student. She has a twin actually. Her class mates wander why she could talk to korlap friendly. Santi told them as I wasn’t like the acting in the orientation field. Woww… I can’t figure it out why they so scare to me. It just a scare composition by the first title as a good one before bad. What ever it is you know… ospek phenomenon and popularity is always EXCELLENT!!!527760_394279977311950_1578684746_n


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