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September 13 2014

My little sister was born 11 years ago in Denpasar Bali. I remember that clearly since at the day she was born I was in 5th grade of elementary school. My school is about 300 km from the place her mother born her. It’s nice Saturday and I can’t forget it. I have a little sister- Said I. She grew up there 2 years until moved to Java three years. She lives in Lombok since she was 5. My little sister was so prety at the first time I saw her when I was 2nd grade high school student. She looks like Arabic and western young girl and every body said so. You know what…. She totally looks like my father. People point out that Gita must be my sister because she looks like me too. Ya…. she has a blonde hair, white skin and a little pointed nose weather my nose isn’t like her. It’s 6 years ago. Some how she didn’t stay here in my city until when she was 9 she moved here. She moved here when she was in 4th grade- 2 years ago. You know what? She doesn’t look like the first time I saw her 6 years ago. Now she becomes a young adolescent. Kinda a new one. Yap…. 9 months letter she will be a junior high school student 😀         My little sister has grow up this far. I can’t imagine that she will looks like me hahaa….. What ever it is… September 13 is her B’Day and here we go…. Party!!!! She invited her school friends…. IMG_3371A

birth day cake


Beautiful moment…. Between dark and fire


Well I think I was a good MC                          Cadou (frence) time

You know what… Little sister looks so happy 🙂


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