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2 days ago, I got mail from Macquaire University. Then, I Confused choosing to study or work because I’ve accepted working on a bank. Firstly, the univ text me from gmail- invited me to come to macquaire agenda in Denpasar but I couldn’t go. I replied the text then they text me back. I was so surprised by the language used. It felt like THEY NEED ME whereas actually -I NEED THEM. Its’ not THEY NEED ME but I NEED Them. The University asked my phone number and wanted to call me whenever I can and wanted me to text them If I have questions. It sounds like “AA? Seriously? I never get a friendly university like this before, especially in my own country. Then why this university as friendly as this?”….

Australia is the best neighbor country for Indonesia…. Then my confusion adding to choose study or work… Ya Allah… give me the best in my life.


I cried and sad so many days. I cant stop it…. I can’t … because my dream from the first time I school in high school was just studying in Australia. I haven’t get my graduation yet, it’s on September this year I will have my graduation.

Then tonight I realize it… I read from Tere Liye’s fb post that I HAVE ALLAH. Why didn’t I ask Allah’s help? Why didn’t? Then I know.. Allah will always with me where ever I’m. On the other occasion, I got something:


Why don’t somebody told me yesterday or the day before yesterday then I would never cry…. Allah I need You. I PUT MY TRUST IN YOU.




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