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 The writer should write a clear setting for the thesis.

“Mts. Nurul Huda Al-Maroniyah Pangerangan Sampang Madura”

He doesn’t put the class means that It doesn’t indicate a clear setting.






 The writer should write a clear setting for the thesis.

“Mts. Nurul Huda Al-Maroniyah Pangerangan Sampang Madura”

He doesn’t put the class means that It doesn’t indicate a clear setting. Its better if the writer put the year.









Chapter 1

  1. 1.Background

–          Speaker talks some effect to listeners in order to change state of knowledge, to get some information, and to thing for them



The background of study is like this:


–          Language-speaking-Harmer(language study) reference-teaching-speaking-problem for the students about vocabulary and the importance of speaking- Study will be conducted in MTs Nurul Huda

–          He should be careful by using to thing. What does to thing means in that context?

–          The back ground of study

Generally, the back ground of study is good because the writer put the substance of background, such as:

–          What needs to achieve on the learning

–          What needs to achieve now days

(but the writer doesn’t put the data)

–          Probability of the problem comes from

It comes from the students it self because they don’t have enough vocabulary

–          The importance of this research

  1. 2.Solution


 There is no problem solution used by the researcher.

This is should be:

The researcher taught speaking by using cycle’s activity. The cycle’s activity as follows:…..

  1. 3.RQ

 How can the chain work improve the students’ English speaking skill at MTS Nurul Huda Al Manoriyah Pangerangan Sampang Madura?

 It’s clear

By using the question How.

  1. 4.Purpose

 To know how English teacher use the chain work as a technique teaching in improving students speaking skill at MTs Nurul Huda Al Manoriayah Pangerangan Sampang Madura

 It’s clear.

  1. 5.Significance

 It is espected this study will be usefull for English teacher to improve students speaking skill which is very importance as a teaching technique.

This study is expected to make students more active and not bored in teaching and learning activity in the classroom

 It’s clear.

  1. 6.Definitions

a)     Improving is action or process, which can make better students ability

b)     Chain work is one way or technique in teaching learning by using picture cards or word cards

c)      Speaking is of language skill which needs active involvement, the ability of students to speak and to express their ideas and to uses the target only orally in their daily communication

 It’s better if the writer complete the definition by putting the reference from the expert.

Chapter 2

  1. 1.Review of Literature

 This chapter discusses about the following subtopics:

1.teaching speaking

2 .The chain work

3.Circle chat chain work

4.the advantages of chain work

5. the purpose of teaching speaking skill based on competency based curriculum 2004

6.Previous study

 The writer wrote it briefly

  1. 2.Theoretical Framework


 There is no theoretical framework that’s written.

  1. 3.Hypothesis


 There is no Hypothesis in this thesis

The most important thing on thesis is about putting the hypothesis.

Somehow, the writer doesn’t put it here.

Chapter 3

  1. 1.Research Design

 The writer used CAR and three cycle

 It’s clear.

  1. 2.Subject & Characteristics

 The researcher carried out with the students of second grade at MTs Nurul Huda Al-Manoriyah Pangerangan Sampang Madura. The second grade students were about 27 students.

The researcher selected the class of the research by choosing one class from three classes of the second grade by the recommendation the teacher class.

The researcher did this action research was a way to know the students ability in speak English through chain work.

 The problem of this Subject it that:

About the class. Again, he didn’t put what class he conducted the research.   There is no clear number about ‘How many students were male and female’ and students’ ability.

This chapter is kind of research proposal and haven’t been done by the researcher. The use of did should be change by will.

  1. 3.Research Plan

1)     Planning

2)     Implementation

3)     Observation and evaluation

4)     reflection

 It’s clear that the writer describe about the four element briefly.

  1. 4.Data Collection Procedures

  Procedure of Data Collection:

  1. Preliminary study
  2. Planning the action

-Preparing small group

-Designing lesson plan

-Preparing criteria of success

  1. Implementing the action
  2. Observation



-Field note


5. Reflecting


 It doesn’t clear about the data collection procedures. It doesn’t follow the list bellow:


Data and Data Collection Procedures (example)

1. Types of Data

a. Test result (pre test and post test)

2. Data resource

3. Data Collection Procedures

a. Observation

b. Test

4. Assessments/ Instrumental

5. Scoring

There is no clear definition about the data collection procedures. The writer only put and write about

  1. Preliminary study
  2. Planning the action

-Preparing small group

-Designing lesson plan

-Preparing criteria of success

  1. Implementing the action
  2. Observation



-Field note


5. Reflecting

Where in the five list above there is no clear thing about what should be written.

  1. a.Kinds of Data


 There is no clear description about Kinds of data. The writer should put it but here there is no description.

  1. b.Sources of Data


 There is no clear description about sources of data.

But from the observation, it can be conclude that the source of data is from the students:

And form planning the action:

-preparing small group

-designing lesson plan

-preparing criteria of success

  1. c.Data Collection
  1.  Questionnaire
  2. test


the writer should separate it from the observation. He doesn’t put the “Data Collection” as a title. It just can be conluded from Observation that he put.

  1. d.Instrument


  1. Questionaire

Questionaire can be form of interview.

The researcher conducted written questionnaire by giving question sheet.

  1. Observation
  2. Field note
  3. test


Test is an instrument used to know the ability of students. There are some assessements and portions in this test:

2)     Pronunciation (10 %)

3)     Fluency (20 %)

4)     Grammar (20 %)

5)     Vocabulary (20 %)

6)     Comprehension (30 %)

A test was a set of questions both oral and written questions used to measure the knowledge, quality of abilities of a person or individual.

 The language of instrument changed by Observation.

  1. 5.Data Analysis

 Data were analyzed as quantitative data. They were obtained from the result of students’ performance meanwhile students’ involvement questionnaire. The data from questionnaires were analyzed in this tally to find out the frequency and percentages..

 Its clear that the researcher use quantitative data and how to do it.

  1. 6.Performance Indicator

 Preparing criteria of success

It is about 80% students able to speak English with score > 70.

 This Performance indicator was put in Planning the action. The writer should separate it from other component. It should be in one component an doesn’t mix or as one of sub part of planning the action.



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