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A Sherlock Holmes Can fall in love.

Will you believe it as a story? It’s a fake, yes Fake for one reason. You know what? there must be a genius man who wrote a great novel like that. If in the some scene (for films) there are Dan Brown showed there and then Hans and Grettle, it just a usual story. I’ve watched The Davinci Code belongs to Dan Brown it just a usual movie. Then I’ve watched Hans and Grettle, hmmm boring movie. I don’t even thing that in Sherlock films the writer has the inspiration to both film. Hahaha…

The writer tried to hypnotize me in the second season of the movie.

“A Sherlock Holmes can fall in Love”

It just interesting when the writer stop the love story just for fun. You know what? When Sherlock tried to type the password many times, he failed. But then when He knew the women loves him, he realized it, then he know the passcode. I thing I was so stupid let this film stay in my laptop for many moths then I never watched it. It just stupid. How do I let such a great film never be watched for one reason, LAZY. I want more Sherlock Holmes film.. more and more…. I’m addicted like I watched The Vampire Diaries season 1-4. Then give me the film if you have it!

One thing, I have read Sherlock Holmes novel, but for some pages some years ago in library. I never thought it will be as great as this.

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