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Dream that never change




It’s been a busy days…. I don’t even understand about my self how do I feel in this 3 months. Since the job vacancy in my town is very limit. You know? I was crazy for three months thought about it. What can I do after graduation? Where should I work?

Ok… I’m a University student and That was the first time in my life I confused. I’m looking for a good thing which made my spirit came back again but if fail. Well… But I don’t thing the same case happen when I came to the jungle and stayed a night there. It was a great night for sleeping in the wood and I found my spirit again. It was Saturday night…. 6 days ago. I knew I had a reason to enter this university and that’s my dream since teen. How do I broke it just by thought unnecessary thing?…. That’s too stupid and I should wake up for a bad 3 months


Australia… it’s the reason of why I’m here… in this University. I wanna go there, I wanna get my master degree there. I love that country even though I never go there before. This is my pray for going there- I wish my master degree will be there.


Hahahaa… can you imagine it? You shouldn’t arguing something but just take the opportunity. You do, you win!


you know…. It sucks… T.T

many people just wishing something in social media (including me :D)

What I gonna do it should be START DOING. Stop wishing Ok!


this is why for three months I got depressed.

The only reason is you gave up with your dream. And there is one thing which made your spirit came back… it’s because your dream. The dream that never change. You never give up for that now.


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  1. Jumal Ahmad berkata:

    Nice, keep spirit and dreaming

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