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Good bye Uncle




My uncle died yesterday morning in hospital
He was single and still young
His house in front of mine
it’s not a dream….
It seems the death is so close to every body
we will never know: when, where and how the death comes
I just see all his English Education books and religion books that has given to me by his mother today, My grand mother
and after his Undergraduate graduation from Malang two years ago…
I see lots of stories in his paper
If yesterday i didn’t cry, this time I can’t hide it
The death is so close…
Life is not eternal, life is so short
It’s not because of the money, house, wife, car,
It’s not about your beauty, cool skin, beautiful face, handsome, job, how many people know you, how many people loves you,
or everything that you have
I know… this life is just for My Lord.. Allah…
I cut my feelings for a man directly when I realize it will happen
No matter who you are
I believe the marriage partner are from Allah
and one day it will come based on what Allah wrote
The death… I believe it comes from Allah
and one day it will come based on what Allah wrote
This is not a dream for my big family
the sorrow day… and every body will face it one day, no exception
I give this heart just for my Lord, Allah SWT
If my destiny will come, I’m waiting for
For a man- my life partner
for a death- my eternal life after
and for my uncle… May Allah give you the best place and forgive all of your sins… R.I.P… All of us will come there one day
but we don’t know when…


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