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To Hate You



How could I hate you while you are part of my soul?

How could I forget you while you are the rust memory in my brain?

No body knows that I froze here

Waiting for you in the frozen of time which in every minute could kill me

How could I tell you? Then you are not here, I can’t see you

Lost no direction

Lifting me in yearning

I can’t hate you

Even sometimes I lie to every people

That you’ve been lost in my heart

Whereas I just want to hear you to say

“ I love you” But you never say it

I’m crying in this crazy feeling

Waiting for you such a long time, looking for you

Finally I found you,

Just in a while I can see you

Then I lost you again.. for twice…

And waiting for you again….

Many boys come to me …

Some how, I cry a lot disappointed

Because it’s not you my first love

Am I surely crazy for this reason?

And I want to kill you in my heart and hate you forever….

by: Fera Komalasari

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