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TEN INDIANS (SOCIETY VS LOVE In American through Ten Indians Story)




By; Fera Komalasari

Mataram University

Ten Indians is a short story that was published in 19th century written by Ernest Hemingway. This story focuses on discrimination. We can learn about the American people in general through behavior of Nick’s father as it is the climax of the story.

Ten Indians tells about the relationship between Prudence Mitchell with Nick. However, Prudence in this story has never appear because she just an object. The conflict points in this story is Nick versus his parent, Nick versus society and Nick versus his heart where Nick was the main character.

The society held around American independence days when Nick driving home late with Joe Gardner and his family and pass the nine Indians which got drunk but the women, Prudence, was hidden. The fact was American government gave Indians money where they used it and it made them lazy to work. They just got drunk every time. American people call them as ‘skunk’. Even when they have communication with Indians, It’s not directly. Hemingway relied on repetitive metaphors to built images.

Nick’s father doesn’t like his child has a relationship with Indian. It looks from Nick’s father isn’t looking at him when he told Nick that he looked Prudence with Frank Washburn in the woods. There is untrue story in Nick’s father. It means he make up the story from noting being look like a true story, more than the truth. He simply and directly said a lie. In general, he is a hypocrite. He wants to cut Nick’s relationship with prudence where he realized that his son has a feeling to an Indian.

“I Just heard them threshing around”, Said Nick’s father. It indicates that they might have a sex. The American just use them in a sex without want to marriage them. The taste is same having a sex weather it Indians or American but they deny it. They don’t want every body to know it. They pay and they have. Indian girls can be paid. It means every body can have a sex with them. So, they look Indian girls as a naughty girl or they call them as a squaw.

Prudence name was taken from American name and Mitchell was taken from Indian name. it might be her father is American and his mother was Indian. But they didn’t have had marriage. Even when they marriage, it would be very difficult.

Indian just scum of American society. Moreover, they thought that the best Indian was the death of Indian. So, if Nick’s marriages Prudence it means he already to expelled from American society. Of course Nick’s father thought deeply about his son. He doesn’t want his son would get shy in the future. It means that Nick will be boundary from the society and it relates to his psychology. Nick loves Prudence but if he stay on his feeling, his society will make him to get depressed. He has to throw away his feeling to Prudence. But if he des it, it will heart him instead.

Nick is a typical human in general. He believes what his father said without checking out the truth. It is the character of American who believe directly without checking first. Nick was an arrogant person. He knows Prudence has a relation with Frank but he tries to deny it. When he knew Prudence has a relation with Frank from his father, it hurts him. But he doesn’t want to look for the truth by speaking with Prudence, asking her what actually happened. He doesn’t have a brave to say what he feels to Prudence. However, it’s difficult to American communicate with Indians. American can’t respect to the other people instantly even it’s a easy talking they need long process. How do American people adopt the new environment with the new people around them? They are confidential nation.

When Nick asked his parent where did he go, his father answer he want for a walk up by the Indian camp which located in the woods. We can imagine that Indian had no place which call as a home. They stayed in the wood without having work, education, social and political organization, trade, visual arts, music, and modern dance, etc. they were far from modern world. They were neglected from white American although in fact they were the original people of American. They left behind almost all of the life style and it because of white American.

Those are what actually the story of ten Indian includes. It’s all about society versus love which can be seen as an important part of Ten Indian story.


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