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                In the middle of traditional market, two young women were walking together. They looked for something but didn’t get what they were looking for.  They were walking through a store and stopped by a man and a lady which were sales marketing.

Sales man: “Good day Miss, we are so sorry for disturbing your activity. But would you like to see the lottery may be you are lucky today.”

(Talk with soft tune and flattering. He offered lotteries in front of two young women, but seems he specialize it to that women with long straight hair, sweet and beautiful eyes)

Laura     :”Audrey!!!” (Look for Aura beside her. Actually she asked whether the answer yes or no but Aura just silence)

Salesman:”Oh….come on…. These are the lottery. Just choose one lottery; open it and see… maybe this is your lucky day. Here we go” (offered the lottery to Laura. The green lottery looked so charm)

Laura     :”Ok” (doubted)

Sales girl: “Oh Miss, look! I think this is your day. Match. Is this number are in the list of the chosen number?

Laura     :”57686797. Oh yes, I got it” (smiled)

Salesman:”Wow… u got it miss, really. 57686797. So now, you will get a door prize. It’s free, free miss, free. Just for lucky people. But the door prize is upstairs. We should come up now.” (Smiled enthusiastic to Laura)

Laura     :”Really? Free door prize? Hahaha… Audrey, what do you think?” (Looked to Audrey, she was very happy and full of smiling)

Audrey :”Oh…”

(Answered but looked to the other place. Might be she thought that Laura was lucky today. She closed her mouth tightly and took near her arms closely, look around the market. Calm face)

Laura     :”ok… lets go then”

They walked in the middle of narrow way to the stairs in the corner of the market. Laura looks so happy. Her smile blossomed. Audrey just silent closed her mouth. They arrived to the sore in which the really lottery were.

Sales girl: “Sit down please. Ok let me introduce you about the lottery. What’s your name miss?”

Laura     :”My name is Laura Florida”

Sales girl:”And what about you miss, what’s your name?”

Audrey:”Audrey Stephaney Johnson”

Sales girl:”OK Miss, the previous lottery was for the door prize. You will get the door prize after you follow these steps. Listen, here we have some product. It’s about 20 products, as you can see in this paper. But the crossed product was taken by the fortunate people before. Look, this, this and this have been crossed. These are the edge about 1 product. You have to choose 4 products and then it will be looted again. You will choose the lottery, and what’s written down in the lottery will be yours. But you have to pay the deposit payment before 12 pound sterling. These products are really cheap. You just need to pay 15-25 percent from the original price. Choose the product, and who want to take the lottery? And take a sign down this paper.” (Explained and went to outside for awhile)

Laura:”Let me madam… Audrey, what do you think? Should I take this product? I work on Beauty Salon so I need this product, but it’s too expensive.”

Audrey:”It’s up to you. What do you think about this product? It’s really cheap. I think we need it to go to school. Don’t you think so”

Laura:”Yea, 15 pound sterling… great Wagon.  Hahaha, I hope that I can get the wagon Audrey, oh really” (full of hoping)

Audrey:”What else? You need two products again.”

Laura:”Ok what about this and this?” (Pointed the picture)

Audrey:”Are you sure? That’s too expensive darling. But I think this is your lucky day” (smiled but didn’t sure”

Laura:”Yea, I hope so. I really hope that I’ll get the wagon, so we can go together to school every day by the wagon. We don’t need to walk 4 kilometers again. Hmmm… I feel like Queen of England if I get it.”

Audrey:”Really… this will be your Lucky day”

The sales man came in to the room.

Salesman:”Have you choose it?”

Laura:”yes I have”

Salesman:”I think that both of you still school or work aren’t you?”

Laura:”I’m school”

Audrey:”But she works in Beautiful Salon too”

Salesman:”Oh great… you are so cleaver miss Laura… I think you are so good in manage your time”

Laura:”Oh, thanks”

Sales man:”Ok… I’ll confirm your application to my boss. So where are your deposit payments? Remember, there is no compulsory in this way. We will give your money back if you don’t lucky in get one of the four product. But the door prize is in the lottery that you will choose now. You got it? Sign here miss” (Received the money from Laura)

Laura:”Yea, I got it”

Audrey:”Are you sure? That money is for your fee tuition. If you gave it, then you can’t follow next semester. I think your parents will not give you money again.” (Whispered to Laura with calm voice)

The salesman went into the secret room, took the lottery and went out to the place before. He bought such a lot of lottery.

Sales man:”If you still doubt, you can see our product down the stairs”

Laura:”I have seen it an hour ago. I know.” (Unpattient to choose the lottery)

Sales boy:”Now open it carefully.”

Laura:”Salon beauty product and the door prize are shoes. What?” (Looked disappointed)

Sales boy:”wow… Look you got it miss, congratulation. Wow… ok. 100 pound sterling, so the edge just 85 pound sterling. If you don’t have money now, you can pay it latter in terms of 2 years. But the product can u brings it home after the payment is finish.”

Laura:”What do you think?” (Disappointed deeply and looked seriously now)

Audrey:”Ok.. I think you need it so much to your job guys. Just take it. You can pay it latter in term of two years.” (Smiled to Laura and made she believed)

Laura:”Ok, even I don’t have money may be my boss would like to get this product. I’ll inform my boss latter. Ok.”

Sales man:”This is your door prize, the shoes. Thank you misses.”

Laura:”You are welcome.” (Smiled disappointed)

They went out from the room. There was a woman standing out of the store.

Lisa:”What have you done here?” (Seriously)

Laura:”The lottery.”

Lisa:”What?  What have you thought? They were deceived you. Don’t you realize it from the first?”

Laura:”What do you mean? Ok Lisa, introduce, this is Audrey my best friend in school now.”

Lisa:”I’m Lisa.” (Shaking hand with Audrey)

Audrey:”Audrey. What do you mean? How do you know that? How do you know that we are here?” (Wandered)

Lisa:”I’ve seen you an hour ago come in to this store. I tried to call you. But it didn’t work. My friend 2a weeks ago was deceived too”

Laura:”Deceived? How come?” (Asked like didn’t believed)

Lisa:”They said they would give my friend a great product, water pump. My friend paid 120 pound sterling. And guess what did she got? A bad water pump. It didn’t match like what they have explained.” (Explained with angry felt)

Laura:”Pardon?” Oh God, but I’ve seen the product. I’ve seen. I think I should offer it to my boss.” (Wandered how could it be)

Lisa:”Your boss? Oh, what a crazy think. Listen, if you give your boss to know then she pays it, and if the product is bad product then she will entrust you. Why? Because you give her a bad product, you deceived her. Enough for you to deceive don’t deceive anybody again. My friend really disappointed with the product. Somehow, it couldn’t be returned again. She loosed her money for noting.” (Pressed her words to make Laura believed)

Laura:”Oh God… I’ve been deceived. So what I should do now? Audrey, help me!” (Tearing, looked to Audrey and Lisa)

Lisa:”Don’t pay the edge… Ok honey, be patient. I should go now.” (Hugged Laura with full of attention)

Laura:”Ok… take care”

Audrey:”What?” (Gape)

Laura:”What I should do Audrey? Help me!!! I loosed my money. I need that money. Sure, when I was in that store it felt like I was under controlled, hypnotized, unconscious felt. What I should do now?” (Crying, holed Audrey’s hand, didn’t believed what have been happened

Audrey:”I think we should tell the Queen. This is deceiving.”

Laura:”Impossible, I’ve sign it. They have it.”

Audrey:”So, what? I don’t know. Let’s go then”


A Drama Script- THE LOTTERY



SN          : E1D 010 002

Year       : IVA






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