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Drama-Speaking Class- What for We celebrating the National Education Day?




What for We celebrating the National Education Day?

Fera Komalasari

Risky Gustina Sandika Ayu Masri

Baiq Lidya Fuji Lestari

Kiki and Lidya were sitting in the classroom. They were talking and waiting for lecturer. Suddenly Fera came and join their discussion)

Kiki         : it’s too long we have been waiting!

Lidya      : yes, may be he will be late

Kiki         : hmm… today is second day of May, isn’t it?

Lidya      : yes it is. Do you know who will have presentation right now?

Kiki         : May be Fera. She gets material about “Taman Siswa”

Lidya      : What is Taman siswa?

Fera was coming to the classroom

Fera       : Assalamualaikum

Kiki and Lidya: waalaikumussalam

Fera       : hey, if I am not mistaken, I heard about Taman Siswa, is it true?

Lidya      : yes it’s true, you get  material about it, isn’t it? What is Taman Siswa?

Fera       : Taman Siswa is a school built by Ki Hajar Dewantara. You know that the birth day of Ki Hajar Dewantara is celebrated as the Nationala Education Day. Wait, wait, do you know what day is today?

Kiki         : today is Monday

Fera       : a prospective teacher doesn’t remember about the National Education Day?

Lidya      : oh my God, I’m sorry, I forgot

Fera       : it’s Ok, but I wonder abot Indonesian Education now days

Kiki         : what’s wrong?
Lidya      : I thing the education in West Nusa Tenggara should be changed and developed

Fera       : I haven’t talked about the education in west Nusa Tenggara yet, but I’m talking about the education in Indonesia

Kiki         : ok, what’s going on with the education in Indonesia?

Fera       : if it’s connected with the national education day, I am embarrassed celebrate it every year. However, is there any progressive of education quality?

Lidya      : I think, the government should make innovation towards and make competitive with countries. So, I’m delighted that the curriculum on education has changed. But the result is nothing.

Kiki         : Hay, why are both of you always blame the government? We should purpose an idea and make it comes true. Criticizing and blaming the government will make thing getting worse…

Fera       : I’m thinking about it now

Kiki         : what are you thinking about? Criticizing again? Many people just blame the government. They are not conscious that the government has tried to make the quality of education better and better. I think the government has done any effort to solve this problem, isn’t it?

Fera       : who blamed the government, I didn’t blame any one

I just give my opinion about education quality which I thought still in low level. So what for we celebrate the national education day,  if our education is really bad like this?

Kiki         : what did you say? Just keep it, I don’t like it

Lidya      : sssttt…. Why do both of you   quarrelling? Just stop it

Kiki         : it’s so boring talking to you Fera

Fera       : So, why are you blaming me?

Lidya      : sssttt…. Both of you, I wonder why, just the problem like this you are roaring

Fera       : Ok.. I am sorry



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