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Drama- Speaking Class-An Interview with Special Guest




An Interview with Special Guest

Fera Komalasari                : (E1D010002) as Host

Imam Subekhi   : (E1D010043) as Andi

Pandu Dewananta: (E1D010050) as Nurdin

It is about a talk show which talk about Indonesian football, especially PSSI’s current situation and several issues around it. The guest are Nurdin Halid, the current chif of PSSI and Andi Malarangeng, the minister of young and sport.

Host       : Good morning every one, I am Fera Komalasari from Education TV, and now we will have an interview with our guests. On my right side we have Mr. Nurdin Halid and on the other side we have Mr. Andi Malarangeng. Ok, Mr. Nurdin Halid how are you today.

Nurdin  : I am fine thanks

Host       : How are you Mr. Andi?
Andi       : I am very well, thank you

Host       : how’s the current situation of PSSI?

Nurdin  : it’s doing fine, no problem. It’s good actually. We were the runner up in the last tiger cup, weren’t we? Do you remember it?

Host       : how about your opinion sir, as the minister of youth and sport?

Andi       : No, it’s not fine. We got runner up so many times. What we need now is to bring that cup to Indonesia as the champion, not as the runner up

Nurdin  :  you can’t say that. We should say thanks to God because we got runner up at the tournament and it should be amotivator to improve our performance in the next tournament

Host       : Ok, right now, we heard the issue that there are lots of people want you to leave PSSI. How about that Mr. Nurdin?

Nurdin  : Even the President himself, SBY, has the same problem. There are so many people who wants him to leave Istana Negara, but does he leaves his job? No.

Andi       : why do you said like that? SBY has noting to do with your problem. They are your own problem and you have to solve it on your own instead of comparing them to someone else’s.

Host       : I’d like to ask Mr. Andi. Do you make some way to make Indonesian football better in the future?

Andi       : yes, of course I have. We have to train our young player to make a good regeneration of national players. We have a lot of great talents out there. The next step is we have to search a good coach to train these talents.

Host       : Ok, this is the last question for both of them. What is your hope for Indonesian football?

Nurdin  : I wish Indonesian football will be better and PSSI can make this country proud

Andi       : I wish PSSI be better from now on. To make it better, I believe that we have to change it’s current chief with another person.

Nurdin  : Hey, watch your mouth! You don’t have the right to say that.

Andi       : it’s true and a lot of people agree with my opinion.

Host       : Calm down sir. I think I have to end this program now, see you latter


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