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Drama- Speaking Class- Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching TV




SPEAKING 2 – 2nd semester (2011)

Lecturer: M. Gaffar Moerad

English Education

Faculty of teacher training and education

Mataram University

  1. Ni Wayan Devi Andriani
  2. Fera Komalasari
  3. Efri Lestari
  4. Risky Sandika Ayu Masri

Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching TV

Situation: Devi and Kiki were watching TV

Devi       : wow, the cinema is very interesting, isn’t it?

Kiki         : Yes, It is. They have so strong friendship. This is the point that we get from this cinema.

Devi       : Yes, I agree with you. I am really interested in their characters. Although they are idiot in their academic side, they are very cleaver to looking for solution of their life problem.

Situation: Fera came and turn of the TV

Devi       : what are you doing Fera? Kiki and I are watching TV, why did you turn the TV off?

Fera       : How could Indonesian people be a cleaver human, if their activities only waste their time by watching TV?

Kiki         : But we have just watched for an hour.

Fera       : An hour? Let’s imagine: if in a day you spent an hour for watching TV without gaining any useful information, then in a year you will waste 365 hours, and it means in 10 years you’ll waste 3560 hours. With that time, you can learn several languages well as finish some study courses.

Devi       : Ok! May be you thing one hour is bad for watching TV. But for me, this is very good time to get any use full information. Do you know, this cinema teaches us about education and relationship in social life…

Kiki         : now, which one is better? Watching TV and get any use full information or do shopping like you do? Your attitude as like as you don’t need useful information from TV.

Situation : Fera opened the door

Fera       : do not mix my personal activity to our conversation. What we emphasize here is disadventages of watching TV. We do not discuss about my personal activity.

Efri         : Would you like some neutral? Keep your har on girls. Come on Fera, take a sit please. Let’s make some dialogue about advantages and disadventages of watching TV.

Kiki         : So what is your problem Fera? Why do you comment so much?

Efri         : Ok! I catch what both of side want. Just calm down and take a deep breath. Now, let’s think about this. Everything contains good side and bad side and TV has no exception.

Fera       : So, do you thing TV program always suitable for all ages? It’s if we see from disadvantages of watching TV. Sometimes, there are some movies contains sex material and violence which affected the stormy phase of growing children and teenagers and should not be watched, even by some adaults.

Devi       : But on the vocal, there are lots of scientific channels which is suitable for all ages. It is the fastest and the cheapest way to improve our knowlwdge.

Efri         : Ok my friends, watching TV has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are like what Devi said before:

  1. Information for all around the world is your longue
  2. People get the most current news
  3. It serves the purpose of education as well
  4. It is a good time past
  5. Expose to all kinds of cultures and societies

Kiki         : yes, Efri! I agree with you. Listen it carefully Fera!

Fera       : up to you, I am standing in your opinion whether you agree or disagree

Efri         : Ladies. TV has disadvantages too:

  1. Too much TV can harm eyes sight
  2. Watching TV can prove to be an addiction and people especially youngsters are prone to waste a lot of time watching TV.
  3. People start getting too much influenced by every kind of fashion
  4. Youngsters get influence by violence this is shown on TV

Fera       : those are what I mean!

Efri         : in my summary, I have reached a conclusion that now days, TV is indispensable although it will be replaced by computer someday, but TV’s benefits to our life still guarantee is as the most important device which people need, in order to up to date. But beside those benefits, there are some disadvantages that we must notice to be sure that we watch TV most effectively.


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