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FINAL ASSIGNMENT OF TEXTBOOK ANALYSIS Interlanguage: English for Senior High School Students XII (BSE)




Description of the textbook

Title of the book: Interlanguage: English for Senior High School Students XII

Author               : Joko Priyana, Ph. D

Triyani Retno Putri Saridewi

Yulianti Rahayu

Publisher            : Pusat Perbukuan, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional 2008

Page                   :222 pages

Cove r                : colorful

The book has 8 units, they are:

  1. Gecko Had Come to Lodge a Complaint
  2. Illegal Drugs Can Damage Important Organs
  3. The Impact of Global Warming Could be Devastating
  4. Should Student be Allowed to Take Part-time Jobs?
  5. The Penalty Should be Increased

Unit Review Semester 1

  1. Let Me Tell You a Story about Fairies
  2. There is Definitely a lot of Helpful Information In the Book
  3. Check Out These Friendship Movies

The book contains:

  1. The four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  2. Vocabulary, phonology, phonetic, grammar (morphology, syntax)
  3. Functional skill
  4. Top-down and bottom-up processing strategies
  5. One way task, two way task
  6. Combination of diskurs and handlen textbook

Textbook linked to Interlanguage: English for senior high school students XII are designed to develop student competence in four skills that are in two learning cycle. The first cycle is oral cycle and the second is writing cycle. The first cycle contains 2 skills that is listening and writing and the second cycle contains reading and writing. the book contains receptive skills: written (reading) and spoken (writing), productive: written (writing), and spoken (speaking), and the translation is from English. This book is developed in communicative approach principle.

Language learning

In language learning of this book, it begins with pre activity, whilst activity and post activity. In pre activity, the students are always given some pictures to study and question to answer. In whilst activity the students given a chance to act that is by prepared listening cassette (the cassette complete with the book), completing the passage and student have to share the answer with the classmate. To rich the learning objectives, the book talks about expression, and functional text in each chapter. The book doesn’t hung upon one chapter but the students can learn from whatever chapter they want because each chapter are design with complete expression and functional text. For interactional view, it makes the learner active because the book contains two way tasks. Linguistic feature such as phonetic are put in the book in each activity. What make it interesting? Is that the book are finished by the summery of what they learn in each chapter and if they want to learn the book again, they don’t need to read from the first page but at the last page of the summary in each chapter.

Language content

Aspects of language system are taught are the phonology, grammar (syntax), vocabulary and discourse. Dialect is mostly by geographic situation. It is formal style and natural style. The book has two cycles that are in spoken and written. In spoken cycle, the book contains listening and speaking and in written cycle contains reading and writing. How do the skills are cycle are in a good combination because it has receptive skills and productive skills are combine in two cycle. Vocabulary of the book are translate from English.

Selection and grading of language items

The book follows a communicative syllabus. The learners some time doesn’t aware that they are learning about the functional text, because each chapter doesn’t talk about the functional text as a title, it is introduce by some strategies such as by giving some interesting pictures, expression, dialogues, phonetic, and it finished by the functional text it self. It deals with communicative approach where the targets of the four skills are to develop their four skills by two cycle it self. The book is taught in linier ways.

Presentation and practice of new language items

New grammar items are presented just by reading and writing items. It is appropriate to the given context but fail in communicative approach. The students aren’t given a change to use their oral communication in order to reach the goals of communication. The grammar just a theory and only in one exercise. Vocabularies in the book are in word list and complete with phonetic. The meaning of new lexis taught through context.

Language skills and communicative abilities

It’s a good way by put the listening and speaking skill as the introduction in each chapter. The activities of speaking skills in the book are in not bad organized. After listen the cassette student are ordered to compare their work to their friends. The book has information gap A and B. it facilitate the student to communicate to the learner to get the information from their friends but the activities of speaking here just a few. The book mostly contains of reading and answering questions. The materials in reading are authentic and the material providing by the writer it self where the exercise is based on the material it self. Reading is dominates in each chapter. Not as good as reading, listening is given in one part as the introduction. The book completes it with the cassette and the questions are in the book. For writing skill, it is in a good ways by giving the learner place to make some sentences. In the book, for example after studied the expression, the students are ordered to make sentences in balloon which is prepared in the book.  The book contains verbal data, non-verbal data, and procedure. Having that nature of communicative task, the book has lots of activities but mostly are in reading. The book contains picture, through the picture the students are ordered to match the picture with the title given in separate place and the student have to match it. After that, the students are ordered to answer the question, listen the cassette, get the material about expression, have some exercises, having the phonetic which is based on the material, and lots of reading task. The activities for communicative interactions are perform the dialogue in pair.

Supporting materials

The book has visual material, recorded material, authentic materials, grammar items, functions, etc. The materials are for progress testing. The test relate to the leaner’s communicative needs where the four skills are taught to develop students competence. The materials require high degree of teacher input but suitable for a teacher who is not a native speaker.  The material doesn’t need any specific physical restrains.

Motivation and the learner

The students don’t need to pace the book even though the materials in one chapter are variety. The material of the book doesn’t put the local interest because the book made based on the curriculum in 2006. But it is interesting materials because it is common materials – in chapter 1 for instance, the writer put the story of frog prince, the lion and the mouse etc. What makes the book interesting is that it is full of picture. The book provides the learners something that can motivate the learner such as common knowledge in the world which is suitable to the topic even though the book doesn’t put problem solving in the book.

Actually contain of the book is not based on Indonesian culture because most part of the book are talk about western culture. So, what need to think is that it is as the lack of the book.


In conclusion after analyze Interlanguage: English for Senior High School Students XII, it is a good textbook for some reasons such as:

  1. Contains communicative task

The book contains handelen textbook and diskurs textboook

  1. Involve 4 skills such as: listening, speaking, reading and writing
  2. The book illustrate what will actually happened in the classrooms because the book are in three phrases such as pre-activity, while activity and post-activity
  3. It is the combination of top-down and bottom up processing strategies where the book not only focuses on learners on the individual component but also macro features.
  4. It is interesting textbook because it contains lots of picture

Even though it is a good text book, but we can find there some lack of the book that are:

  1. It doesn’t contain the Indonesian/ Region culture because it is based on Standar Isi 2006. So if we use the text book now days, it will be not so good for culture.
  2. Has lots of materials. It is impossible to finish it
  3. Lack of speaking skills
  4. The book contains lots of reading skill, so it is not good for the time limitation and another skills.

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