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Psychological Trauma of Having a Baby Of The Main Character In THE FAMILY WAY Novel By: Tony Parsons




Psychological Trauma of Having a Baby

Of The Main Character

In THE FAMILY WAY Novel By: Tony Parsons

            The Family Way is a novel which written by Tony Parsons, publish in 2004. It kinds of modern novel because all of the story are drawing about the life of women and men in modern era. The emotional side is pushed forward page to page. The readers are driven like the real life. The story begun when Cat, the older sister at the age of eight had to saw her mother left her and the two of her sisters because of men and carrier, the broken family. Cat was a brilliant little girl. She thought about the life of Jessica and Megan, her two sisters. She tried to take care of them. She was in twelve when her mother really left her and her sisters in eleven and seven. It was a hard life for her to keep looking her sisters. Day by the day they were growing. Cat really wanted a freedom from her life. She thought one day if they were apart, she could felt the freedom. They were really apart. Jessica married with Paulo who loved her so much. Megan, the younger sister moved to flat and she as a GP register doctor. But the life wasn’t like what Jessica wanted. She was so hard for having a baby. All the ways have been tried but the result was noting. However, Megan the younger sister got a pregnant after one night stand, but she really didn’t want to have a baby at this time. Cat really didn’t want to have a baby too. So she asked her boy friend Rory not to have a baby. Rory said yes, they loved each other. The trauma of her life before had made her became a woman without maternal instinct, and she hate her mother so much.

Cat, in her new life without her two sisters was struggling with her life. She has no desire to be a mother at all. But Parsons really believe it’s possible to be a real woman and not want a baby. The only character in this novel that he really despises was a mother who leaves her children and a charier woman with no maternal instinct. As soon as Cat thought a baby she changed her mind: “Without children all you had was now, and reminders of the past.”

In one case, Cat gave suggestion to Rory ex wife about Rory’s child. The one thing that she didn’t imagine was about the answer. Rory ex wife said that Cat really not a mother at all. Since she just a woman without a complete family, It changed her thinking. Here Parsons give an extra emotional to readers. How could when another woman mocked you, you just silence and feel as usual? No, it’s not like that. But it doesn’t really a climax. When Megan, the younger sister, giving birth, Cat held the baby. She felt a physical yearning more powerful than any craving she had ever known. It was stronger than any craving she had ever known. It was stronger than any desire she had ever felt for any lover, or job, or possession. She held a baby so small that it was hardly there at all, and here is the climax, she wanted one for her own. It was mad- what will she do with it? Where would she stick it? Where would it sleep? But she couldn’t help her self. Parsons gives personal female issues. Tony Parsons has a real understanding and empathy of women and hits the nail on the head with this book. He drew a felling of Cat: it felt like Cat had wasted so many years on things that didn’t matter. The pursuit of leisure and money, the endless, ridiculous yearnings for a better car and bigger flat all the time devoted to her late wanted and needed. She was thirty-six years old, with her niece in her arms, she was nearer to forty than thirty and she thought she was not going to die without one day holding a baby of her own. All she needed now was- what was it again? Oh yes, a man. She asked Rory to have a baby. Even Rory couldn’t gave her a baby, Cat wanted Rory to get her vasectomy reversed, have the operation in reversed. It’s hard, but he tried. Cat had been on IVF cycle, the doctor recommended it because of her ages. Rory almost fifteen years older than her. Well done, she was pregnant.

The real point that this novel give that is about physiological trauma for having a baby can be killed by the maternal instinct it self. This book really delves in to the meaning of a family. How do we feel when we have a baby, how do we feel when it’s hard to have a baby. The maternal instinct come up to the surface when we confronted by the real situation. The thing that Cat really didn’t want was a baby. But somehow she had to held the baby. So where was the physical trauma go? Even in her heart she didn’t want to be another like her mother was, she tried to be honesty to her self that to be a mother was a beautiful way in the world and a woman without a baby was like a life without sun. again, Tony Parsons drew the power of women’s heart made something impossible to be possible and the way traumatic case was to be possible thing of it.

What women really want in this life is having babies. Even the hard case like the psychological trauma for having a baby, it can be broken by the powerful of women’s heart it self with the real situation. It must be the most natural thing in the world.


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