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The Family Way by Tony Parsons summary




The Family Way- a novel- Summary

Writer              : Tony Parsons

Published          :2004

Pages              :376

By: Fera Komalasari

This novel tells about the life of a broken family. Cat’s (eleven years old) keep her sister Jessica (seven years old) and Megan (three years old) when her mother go out with another man and her father work out as an actor. It feels like live in prison to her because it takes her childhood.
Bay the time, they were growing up. Jessica decided to marry with Paulo. Paulo loves her. He thinks that they are complete- a family of two. But Jessica can’t e happy until she has a baby and the baby stubbornly refuse to come.
Megan being a doctor and live with her boy friend. But one night when she looked her boy friend, Will, slept with another girl, she doesn’t love Will again. She was getting pregnant.
Cat, in the age of 36, after bringing up her two younger sisters, her life was free. She get a boy friend which has done the family thing before. But cat don’t want to having a baby because her tragic life before and she hates her mother so much.

Paulo and Michael grew up in one of the rougher parts of exxex, their father an enginer at Ford in Dagenham, and their childish dreams were full of cars. Their own family were much more simple, and old-fashioned, and he was grateful for that factit was the kind of family that Paulo wanted for him self one day. But somehow, his sperm had problem so that Paulo and Jessica were hard to have a babby. When they visited Michael’s house, Chloe, the little baby were growing funny. Her mum, Naoko loves her so much. All of them were trying to make Chloe, 1 yeas baby laughing. If Jessica had a baby, she wouldn’t as sad as this time. Paulo were trying to entertain her. But it’s difficult for Jessica. She wanted a baby.
Megan found a new boy and slept with him. Both of them love each other.
Megan and Jessica were having lunch. But it’s hard for Megan telling Jessica that she was getting pregnant. She was afraid to hurted her sister.
Cat had a favorite moment of the week. It’s time for her to spend her day with Rory and making love with him. Rory always pick her up on Saturday night at the restaurant where she were working as a manager.
Jake was Rory’s fifteen-year-old son. She loves Rory’s boy. It remembering her to childhood and live disparate from her parents. It must be hard for Jake.

Megan had a complaint from surgery doctor because she had done a mistake to a patient. It threatens her carrier. Kirk, a man that she had had slept with, would back to Australia, place that he life. Both of them were hoping that one day they will meet again in another time.
Megan, Cat and Jessica had a meeting in a Restaurant. Finally Megan told her sisters that she were pregnant. There wasn’t another way that she had to do now. She has to abortion because it disturbed her carrier in her first year to work. Jessica disagreed with Megan. Megan was angry. She told Jessica that she had had abortion when she was in Senior High School and now she was regretting. It was hard to get pregnant again when she got married. Cat helped Jessica when she had abortion in the hospital. So were now Cat agreed with Megan’s decision. They were in hard fighting and Jessica got out from that place.

Cat were changing when she knew that Megan decided to keep the baby. The only reason was Jessica promised to Megan that she want to keep the baby. Ali, Rory’s ex wife was in Rory’s house because of her child using drug but Ali couldn’t stop it. Cat suggested Ali to keep her child better and not to use the drugs again. So she said to Cat that Cat was never been a part of a family. It hurt her deeply. She started asked Rory about having a child. They were in fighting. Rory can’t give a child to her.
Jessica and Paulo talked to their doctor about going for IVF. He promised to try and try until Jessica could get pregnant. They were trying so hard.
The three sisters and her father were sitting in their favorite restaurant. Megan were in week twelve when Jessica in week four. They were very happy because of the pregnancy.
When Jessica tried a dress in mall, she looked blood, the floor that was her blood. Jessica had a miscarriage.
Naoko, Michael’s wife thought about being disparate with Michael. In other hand it was possible that little Chloe would grow up without a father.

Dr. Lawford had never been to Megan’s flat before. He checked Megan blood presure. She saw Jessica and Cat in the grimi little monitor and let them inside. There was something wrong with her. She got pre-eclampsia. It was prenatal hypertension. High blood presure, only in pregnant. Stressedout, over weight executive gets-except. Pre-eclampsia has noting to do with being fat or the pressures of modern life. And the baby will have to be born early, the baby will be too small for anything else. She just explain it to her sisters. Twenty-nine weeks, the baby wasn’t ready for the worls. If she was born any time over the next two months she would still be considered premature. If she was born over the next seven days, she would be fighting for her life. Megan and the baby, Poppy, would have to hold on for as long as they could. The baby just under a killo.
Megan didn’t tell her sisters about eclompsia. She didn’t tell them that when woman and their babies died during childbirth in the googd old days, eclampsia was usually killed them. Toxaemia of pregnancy. Poisoned blood, poisoned pregnancy. Convulsions during childbirth, the placenta tearing, and the mother and the baby bleeding to death within fifteen minutes

London. Kirk walked through the West Endin search of a job and a girl. He found it in Mama-san Restaurant. ‘Table four’, The chef said. He looked Megan was sitting there with two woman and an old man. He was waiting for Megan in the street. It looked like Megan didn’t like to met him. She told that she had pregnant, and it’s his child. He surprised and happy. He wanted to made a family but Megan didn’t want. The reason was because she didn’t know if that baby was going to live or not. She could gave birth any day, tonight, tomorrow. Pre-eclampsia. She was in week thirty one.
In week thirt four she was giving birth. The baby was beautiful. Poppy Jewell’s life had begun. Outside the Intensive Care Unit, Olivia Jewel stood in the twilight of the corridor, watching them through the glass. Het two oldest daughters, passing her youngest daughter’s baby- Olivia’s first baby- between them as if they might break her.
Little Poppy was in incubator. She was tiny and her weight less than four pounds.
Cat wanted to back with Rorry and asked Rorry to have a baby. Rorry can’t give her a baby because of vasectomy. But Cat asked him to get vasectomy reversed. Have the operation in reverse.

Poppy was about five months when Jessica toke her to feeding the ducks.
“You know that I’ve been on this IVF cycle”, Cat said
The doctor recommended it because of her age. Rory’s almost fefteen years older than Cat. Jessica studied Poppy’s sleeping face. She said nothing.
It’s been like a marathon with hurdles. The injections, the scans. She shook her head.
“And now you are pregnant”
Cat look at her sisters, and she wanted to hold her, to aske her- do you know how much you are loved. It seemed to Cat that Megan had breezed through life taking everything in her side- parental divorce, school, boys and men.
But Jessica, thought Cat- right from the start it had all been so hard for Jessica. Cat felt a flush of shame, because she was here to hurt her sister some more.
“And now I’m pregnant, Jess”
Jessica laughed, and it frightened Cat.
‘That’s funny,’ Jessica said, not laughing now.’Because when I had IVF, it never occurred to me it wouldn’t work’

The flight from Beijingto Londontakes ten hours. Jessica and Paulo adopted Little Wey from Beijing. Three months in there was very surprised for him after back to London. There were only two cars left in his showroom. It had either been sold or stolen. He asked his brother, Michael.
“We had a bit of breaking”….
Paulo picked up the bottle and had it against the wall. Paulo then sold the left car, move from his luxury house and bought a black cab-taxi-. He lost it all.
Megan went to see Dr. Lawford and it was as if years had gone by, not months. She left Kirk in Bridgetown because some reasons.
“Go private’, He told her ‘Go away and don’t come back’. At first she thought he was joking. And then she saw that he wasn’t joking at all.
“You’ll still be helping people”
Megan lost her job but she really did private doctor.
Little Wey was next to Poppy, something inside Cat felt warm and shining as she watched her two nieces sleeping in her bedroom. After returning to London, Megan and Poppy had moved into Cat’s flat.
In the hospital, Cat was giving birth. A surprised thing that was Jessica was telling Paulo that she was in pregnant.


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