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I am Falling off



I’m Falling of
By: Fera Komalasari
I’m falling off when you leave me
The word
Gives my heart a million pains
And you tell me by the smoothy words

I can’t read your word
Even when you said that
I didn’t love you
What a shock that i am

I’am falling off
And my heart feels like stop beating
You are a lier!!!….
You lie
How come you lie to some one
Who loves you more than you know
since a thousands days ago until now

i can see through your eyes
your mouth can lie
but your eyes
can tell every thing that u are hiding….

i am falling off
that’s the word i wanna say
but i am still waiting for you
even  thousand years
i will waiting for you
cauze i’d love you more than words and my tear drop can tell you

Mataram, 28 February 2012

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