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I Want to

I Want to
By: Fera Komalasari

I Want to see your face
In the dark of the day
And draw your smile
Through the light of the moon

I want to touch your heart
Give me the chence
To make your heart becomes pink
And write down my name in it

Some dried leaves smile to me
And the flow of air sounds great
They were playing a melody rhyme
For the two humans who stand
Under the darkness off the blue sky

June…. there is no word
There is no reason
And relatoin between the night and the day
To say that my heart is brooken

The earth feels like stop rotting
And the air comes to snap my face
Through the word you created
I still stand and see your eyes

Mataram, 28 February 2012


I am Falling off

I’m Falling of
By: Fera Komalasari
I’m falling off when you leave me
The word
Gives my heart a million pains
And you tell me by the smoothy words

I can’t read your word
Even when you said that
I didn’t love you
What a shock that i am

I’am falling off
And my heart feels like stop beating
You are a lier!!!….
You lie
How come you lie to some one
Who loves you more than you know
since a thousands days ago until now

i can see through your eyes
your mouth can lie
but your eyes
can tell every thing that u are hiding….

i am falling off
that’s the word i wanna say
but i am still waiting for you
even  thousand years
i will waiting for you
cauze i’d love you more than words and my tear drop can tell you

Mataram, 28 February 2012